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Returns a list of name strings for completion lookups.


queryThe text used to query the list of names. This is a prefix query on the full name of the name
takeThe number of name strings to return (default = 10)

Example Response


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ArrayOfString xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  <string>Austrosmittium kiwiorum M.C. Williams &amp; Lichtw. 1990 (nom. inv.)</string>
  <string>Drechslera wirreganensis Wallwork, Lichon &amp; Sivan. 1992</string>
  <string>Glotzia M. Gauthier ex Manier &amp; Lichtw. 1969</string>
  <string>Licea Schrad. 1797</string>
  <string>Licea biforis Morgan 1893</string>
  <string>Licea capitatoides Nann.-Bremek. &amp; Y. Yamam. 1990</string>
  <string>Licea castanea G. Lister 1911</string>
  <string>Liceaceae Chevall. 1826  [as 'Liceae']</string>
  <string>Licea eleanorae Ing 1999</string>
  <string>Licea kleistobolus G.W. Martin 1942</string>
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